Hi there! My name is Jamie and my dream is to become a football analyst. Therefore, I started this blog to put my stuff out on the internet for people to read and to, hopefully, improve the collective understanding of the game we all love. Thank you for reading!

  • Who should play in CM for England?

    14th Jan 2021 by

    One of the many decisions Gareth Southgate will have to make before this summer is who will he wants to take to this summer’s European Championships (which as of yet have not been cancelled – fingers crossed), and out of these players, which make up his strongest line-up? Most of these will be challenging, given… Read more

  • Is Timo Werner a good finisher?

    8th Jun 2020 by

    There is has been a lot of attention placed at the door of Timo Werner recently, especially in the midst of an agreed move to Chelsea for a reported £50 million transfer fee. This has led to a lot of criticism around his recent performances, especially against Paderborn last weekend, some going as far as… Read more

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